Picture Clock (25cm Melamine)

Picture Clock (25cm Melamine)


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Product: 25cm melamine clock


Product: 25cm melamine clock

Your child can use photos, markers, hand and footprints and paints to create their artworks, and you can order as many copies of your products as you like.

Templates can be made at home and MUST be returned and paid for (online) by 21st of July. Place your finished template in the marked box at the kinder.

When you drop off your child you will be able to collect a template from the foyer.

If you require more or would like drawing paper for one of the other products you can download and print your own drawing template via drawing.pictureproducts.com

We expect to be handing out the finished products at the beginning of Term 4 2023.

If you should have any question please contact Eleni Panagiotou on 0416 062 030.

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