Three Year Old Program

Possums and Koalas

Starting kindergarten is an important and special milestone in your child’s life. Our 3 year old program aims to nurture the children’s confidence, expanding their awareness and adventure in learning. It’s a time of discovery; a time for young children to investigate new surroundings, new friends and possibilities. The journey here is all about supporting each child to explore and discover the world around but also the person within.

Encouraging autonomy and independence in small tasks such as placing their bag in their locker or getting their drink bottle at snack time or washing their hands by themselves boosts their wellbeing and overall confidence.

Assisting children to develop a positive self- image and self- worth helps them:

  • act independently
  • assume responsibility
  • take pride in their accomplishments
  • tolerate frustration
  • attempt new tasks and challenges
  • handle positive and negative emotions
  • offer assistance to others

The group has an emphasis on exploration, inquiry learning and overall having fun, positive interactions through play based learning. Throughout these interactions we learn how to share and co-operate with each other in a happy, safe, relaxed, well-structured educational environment. As well as learning kindergarten rules, routines and fair and un-fair behaviours.

Incursions are a regular feature of the program, as well as traditional activities such as painting, storytelling, dress ups, role play, blocks, construction, crafts and much more. We encourage the children to express themselves through language, art and imaginative play. This allows each child the time, space and support to experience and develop in their own individual way while promoting learning through play, because play is children’s work. This program helps develop their everyday skills as well as a wonderful transition into the 4 year old program.

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