Our Philsophy

We believe:

  • Respect for children, families and colleagues is paramount.
  • Building relationships with families is of utmost importance.
  • Early Childhood is a special stage of life and as Educators we aim to act in the best interests of children at all times.
  • In promoting the rights of children, who are capable, competent, active learners, able to confidently make choices about their learning.
  • Every child is part of several communities, therefore learning and development never takes place in isolation.
  • Every child’s family, community and culture should be acknowledged in the Early Childhood setting.
  • In valuing diversity – of children and families, beliefs, abilities, language, interests, ethnicity, strengths, experiences.
  • All children have different needs, talents, qualities.
  • Every child/person has a valuable contribution to make.
  • Children learn in many different ways and we embrace a holistic approach to early childhood education.
  • In the provision of a safe, caring, responsive environment.
  • In a collaborative approach to early childhood education, working in partnership with children, families and communities.

Within our Centre we promote:

  • A sense of belonging, security, safety and wellbeing.
  • A child safe environment and teaching children self protective skills
  • Skills, knowledge and positive dispositions towards learning.
  • Respect, individuality, creativity, inclusion.
  • The rights of children.
  • Open communication between children, families and staff.
  • The expression of feelings in an appropriate manner.
  • Positive role modelling.
  • Friendship and social development.
  • Co-operation and collaboration.
  • Community awareness and involvement.
  • Healthy habits.
  • Environmental awareness and sustainable practices, including worm farming, water conservation, recycling, reusing, and sustainable teaching and learning practices.
  • Reflective practice.

Our program reflects our beliefs and values and incorporates:

  • Positive attitudes towards diversity and difference
  • The vast developmental levels of children.
  • The strengths and unique talents of children and staff.
  • The EYLF and the VEYLDF
  • The emerging interests of the children.
  • A curriculum that is individual to each group within our Centre.
  • A child focused approach.
  • Meaningful interactions and relationships with children

As Educators we embrace the values and beliefs reflected in our Philosophy which underpins our Practice. We continually strive to ensure we keep up to date with current research and embrace new ways of being and doing.

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